Mindful Activities in Inspiring Settings

A Fresh Take On Meetings

When groups gather together to meet on the shores of the lake, the sunlit meeting rooms, vast outdoor spaces surrounded by lush greenery, and quiet waters of Lake Geneva create a unique opportunity to be inspired, relaxed, and fully present in the moment. In this setting, The Abbey Resort has designed new meeting concepts to provide a balance between delivering purposeful events while promoting personal growth and improved well-being for your attendees.

The image shows a picturesque outdoor event setup with round tables and chairs on a lawn by the water, featuring a gazebo and boats in the background.

Open Meeting Environment

Whether you meet in our 40,000 square feet of naturally-lit indoor meeting space or in the open air of our 90 acres of outdoor property, our meeting locations can be set to create optimal space while inspiring new solutions and creating shared positive memories:

  • Safe social distancing spacing in meeting sets when requested
  • Hand sanitizing stations at entrances to the meeting room
  • Air purification systems, infusers and aromatherapies
  • Continuous breaks can be stocked with grab-and-go packaging
The image shows a fresh vegetable salad in a bowl, surrounded by tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, basil, and a cutting board with sliced vegetables.

Enriching Culinary Experiences

Our Chef works with local growers and producers to bring fresh, wholesome ingredients to your table. You will find a connection to the land, the history, and the lake in our menus as well as a reconnection to what it means to break bread with others.

  • Locally-sourced, sustainable menu selections
  • Healthy, energy-promoting foods for meals and breaks
  • Intensified awareness on product sourcing and preparation
A group of people is practicing yoga on a beach, surrounded by trees and greenery in the background, ending the sentence.

Inspired Breaks

To fuel greater energy and engagement, we have developed new programming - both active and relaxing - to complement our coffee break food and beverage offerings. Focus inward or get to know your teammates with these new activities.

  • Guided wellbeing exercises including meditation, yoga and stress relieving breathing rituals for groups of any size.
  • Brain teasers and games to promote networking and problem solving.
  • Movement and stretching activities to get the blood flowing and revitalize the group.
A group of people in a park, some blindfolded, appears to be engaged in an outdoor team activity involving colorful mats and a disc golf basket.

Mindful Teambuilding

Enriching teambuilding activities inspired by the lake, the nature around us, and the local experiences we have to offer have been created to enrich the mind, body and spirit of each attendee. Programs are built to focus on giving back to the community or on improving yourself.

  • Get out and play in the fresh air with games for teams and solo participants.
  • Come together to give back to the community whether building bikes for area children, cleaning the shoreline, or working with youth groups.
  • Activities that slow down the tempo and teach new skills promoting relaxation and focus.
A team is having a hybrid meeting, with some members in a conference room and others joining via a video call. Everyone appears engaged.

Innovative Tech Tools

Our on-site Encore team provides the equipment and support you need for meetings for your attendees both here and remote. With new technology and bandwidth, we're prepared for the next evolution of meetings.

  • Gig speed fiber optic internet access
  • Premium components to facilitate virtual meetings
  • On-site contact to assist with any immediate needs during your event
A woman in a white robe relaxes in a sauna, with towels beside her and a warm yellow stone wall in the background.

Lakeside Spa Sanctuary

Take time during your outing to reconnect with your spirit. Avani Spa offers relaxing treatments both in the spa and in your meeting room.

  • Chair massage and hand treatments available as meeting breaks
  • Full spa menu of massage, body treatments and salon services in the spa facility with dedicated group coordinator to schedule appointments
  • Full workout facility including cardio equipment, a TRX training area, strength training stations and free weights
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