The Tools that Keep You Connected

Hybrid Meeting Solutions

Stay connected with the company, your colleagues and the rest of the world with the latest tools in meeting technology. From increased bandwidth to the most up-to-date audio-visual components, you don't have to spare the tools you need just because you're away from the city.

Virtual or Hybrid Meeting Services

Whether it is due to global travel restrictions or the need for meeting flexibility, taking all or part of a meeting digital has become a common necessity. Having a specialized team that enables you to keep meeting objectives on track is critical to the success of your event. We have a range of solutions that can meet your needs - and your budget. Our team can help you select the right platforms for your technology from a speaker phone to a live webcast for 100k virtual attendees, while creating a seamless experience in line with your branding.

Meeting solution options include:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Webcasting
  • Interactive Solutions
  • Security & Flexibility
  • Professional Support

Group Internet Access

Now, more than ever, reliable high-speed connectivity is a critical component to a successful meeting. The Abbey Resort has invested in the latest in technoloy and boosted our bandwidth to ensure a seamless experience with a high degree of customization. By setting up Cat 6 wiring throughout the resort, adding almost 100 new hot spots, installing the newest servers, and increasing to a gig-speed fiber optic line, we're able to sustain the capabilities for the most demanding virtual meeting needs. 

The Abbey Resort's daily resort fee includes access to our standard wi-fi network, where speeds will be variable due to the open nature of the network. Dedicated bandwith options are available for our group customers with allocated bandwidth from our fiber based network. With these options, groups will be provided their own named network to join in segmented portions of the resort and meeting rooms, providing enough download and upload capability to facilitate web-based meetings of any size.

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