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U.s. Mailboat Tour- Lake Geneva Cruise Line

The U.S Mailboat Tour is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year with the cruise line. Top of the notch mail jumpers will be delivering and the beautiful lake will be glimmering. Join the fun on Geneva Lake with Lake Geneva Cruise Line this summer!  We shared some of our favorite facts about the Mailboat to assist in planning your cruise.
1) The Mailboat Tour cruises the entire Geneva Lake within the span of two and a half hours. It runs daily from 10:00am to 12:30pm starting June 15th - September 15th on Geneva Lake at the Lake Geneva Cruise Line.
2)  The Mailboat Tour is aboard the Walworth boat which is the only mail jumping boat in the United States. Its main decks are enclosed and climate controlled with the upper deck open to the fresh air.
3) Mail jumping is a type of mail delivery. The Mail Jumper is transported on Geneva Lake by the Walworth. 75 homes are delivered mail daily. Mail has been delivered this way since 1873.
4) The Mailboat Jumpers  try out in early June to get the mail jumping job! Usually 6 jumpers are hired for the summer. In order to be hired as a mail jumper, one has to be able to jump off and on the boat and also give a detailed tour about the mansions between each delivery. The mail jumper hops off the boat onto the pier and places the incoming mail in a mailbox, they then retrieve any outgoing mail and jump back onto the Walworth.
5) The Walworth never stops on its entire 2 ½ hour long trip! The boat does however, move at a slow pace while the mail jumper is jumping.Some of the home owners try to pull pranks on the mail jumpers by putting soap on their dock trying to make the jumper fall into the water! The Wall Street Journal wrote an article featuring a few of the Mailboat Jumpers this year click here for the link. 

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