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Fontana, Wisconsin| 269 Fontana Blvd, Fontana, Wisconsin 53125

tip 1 - Make Reservations

Booking your treatments in advance is very important, as this guarantees that Avani Spa will be able to accommodate your needs. If you are considering multiple treatments, speak with a spa attendant directly so that they can best organize your time. When you're booking treatments, ensure that you have time to take advantage of the spa's amenities and be sure to look into any packages and specials we are offering.

tip 2 - Be on time - earlier the better

Try to make all considerations necessary to arrive on time or early. When you're late for an appointment, you service provider will need to reduce your service time to ensure the next guests receives their full time. Arrive at least a half hour early to settle in and fill out any waivers and forms that need to be filled out. Don't rush into your spa visit, let yourself relax and take part in the amenities Avani Spa has to offer.

tip 3 - tune out distractions

The most important tip is to make sure that you tune out all distractions. Forget about work, school, home life and turn off that cell phone! Try to remember why you're visiting and keep that in your mind. If you let outside issues cloud your mind, you will have a hard time relaxing. Make sure to take a deep breath and prepare to walk into the Avani Spa for a relaxed and tranquil day.   

Tip 4 - Keep hydrated

Keep drinking water throughout the day. The warm temperatures of the spa facilities can mean that you sweat more than usual. Plus any massage treatments will encourage your lymphatic system to drain and you'll need to top up water levels to prevent any headaches or dizziness coming on. Stop by one of our many infused water stations, or order room service while you're in the spa!

tip 5 - enjoy amenities

Avani Spa has a lot to offer so give yourself enough time to indulge in all of the amenities. Head to the atrium pool for a dip in the water with a sweet drink to sip on. Avani Spa also offers poolside massages, newly remodeled showers, steam and inhalation rooms, and makeup stations. Complimentary classes like water aerobics, yoga and tone & stretch are available to guests as well. Step out of your comfort zone and give a new service you've never tried before a chance at Avani Spa.

tip 6 - book your next appointment

Chances are you'll love your Avani Spa experience. Book your next appointment while you're at the spa. You may be able to catch a promo you didn't know about before or get more information on treatments and specials!

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