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Fun facts about the lake shore path

Lake Geneva is known for its beautiful homes and perfectly clear lake. Conveniently, there's a walking path that makes it easy to see both of those things. The Geneva Lake Shore Path is open to everyone and has an entrance that is located directly across the street from The Abbey Resort. The Abbey also provides complimentary Guided Path Walks for guests in the summer on offered days. 
  • The Shore Path is 21 miles long and takes about 8 to 10 hours to walk, at a steady pace. Considering its length, it is conveniently split into 4 or 5 segments so one wouldn't have to walk the entire 21 mile radius.
  • As stated in the intro, the path is open to the public and completely free! The homeowners just ask that you stay on the path, keep dogs leashed, and don't destroy or invade their property.
  • You are probably familiar with the Wrigley name. At one point the Wrigley family owned 5 estates along the North Shore of Geneva Lake. Currently, only one Wrigley owns a home on the lake.Stone Manor
  • Stone Manor is the largest estate on the lake. Otto Young started to build this estate in 1899. It faced a lot of problems and was passed around and sold for many years. It was many different things throughout the years, an all girl's school, a restaurant, a family home and a Christmas tree museum. Today it is converted into 6 luxury condominiums.
  • Some of the homes on the lake, as well as the Lake Geneva Public Library, were designed by James R. Dresser, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect, interior designer and educator, who designed more than 1,000 structures, 532 of which were completed.
  • Mail and newspapers are delivered by boat to pier mail boxes because back in the day, there weren't any roads leading to the homes on the lake. You can take this tour and be part of the fun at the Lake Geneva Cruise Line.
  • Most of the time, homes face the road but the houses on the lake are a little different. The front of the lake estates are facing the water and the back to the road!
  • You can tour one of the homes on the lake, Black Point Estate, which is located on the south shore and built in 1888. Reservations are required and can be made through the Lake Geneva Cruise Line at (262) 248-6206.Lake Path
  • Another home that is popular on the lake is the Expect a Miracle Home. The Expect a Miracle part of the path has a fence with inspirational quotes and was created to inspire visitors to believe that dreams do come true.
  • You can arrange to be ferried by Lake Geneva Cruise Line between the largest towns on the lake: Fontana, Williams Bay and Lake Geneva.
  • There is a college located directly on the lake about 2 miles away from The Abbey. George Williams College of Aurora University was established over a century ago as a YMCA training facility. It has grown through the years and has been a fully functioning college with on-campus living and 5 different majors. Also featured on this campus is the Music by the Lake series. The Music by the Lake festival appeals to music-lovers of all ages, it features big bands, family programming, classical, musical theater and contemporary entertainment. 

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