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Fontana, Wisconsin| 269 Fontana Blvd, Fontana, Wisconsin 53125

Did you know the abbey resort has an artist?

Carol Warren is a portrait artist that creates life with nothing but a black and white photo, oils and a blank canvas. Carol operates out of the Waterfront Gallery directly in The Abbey Resort producing beautiful paintings with her brush and canvas. Carol is able to look at a photo and produce a soft, dreamscape oil painting that still captures the vivid, lifelike details of her subject. Carol works with mostly children but also specializes in families, small groups and even pets!

Carol Warren opened her gallery with her husband back in 1983. They started off doing photography and thought it would be a good idea to combine painting with their photographs. They were looking to give the pictures a painterly feel with good photography, and it worked!

Stop by the Waterfront Gallery located near Rainbow Point, to schedule a time with Carol Warren to take your photograph and create a beautiful oil painting today!

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