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Sip on some of our favorite drinks during your visit to The Abbey Resort. Whether it be an alcoholic or non-alcoholic, everyone is getting a taste of the favorites this vacation.

Alcoholic - bloody mary

Spice up your morning with The Waterfront's famous Bloody Mary. This delicious drink is made with bacon infused vodka and Whiteford's Signature Bloody Mary Mix. This spicy drink is rimmed with Whiteford's BBQ Rub and garnished with summer sausage, cherry tomato, cherry pepper, celery, string cheese and a cocktail onion. Start your afternoon right and head on down to The Waterfront Restaurant.

non-Alcoholic - Sprecher's root beer

You haven't had root beer until you have tried Sprecher's Root Beer. This old fashioned soda has a rich, creamy flavor that only comes from using pure Wisconsin honey. This drink is available and a favorite to all ages. Stop by the Waterfront to sip from the bottle or from a frosted mug for the best tasting Root Beer.

Alcoholic - waterfront margarita

This classic drink is an all-time favorite in The Waterfront all year long. Although The Waterfront features a variety of different margaritas, you can't go wrong with the classic home-made margarita. This margarita is made with Jose Cuervo Triple Sec and our home-made margarita mix. This mouth-watering drink features optional flavors like sweet strawberry, raspberry or mango. Enjoy and drink responsibly.

non-alcoholic - white chocolate mocha

Café Latte features Starbucks products that are loved by many. The most popular drink in Café Latte is the White Chocolate Mocha. This is when Starbucks' signature espresso meets white chocolate sauce and steamed milk. Topping off this white chocolate delight a sweetened whipped cream. This sweet, chocolatey drink is the perfect start to any morning.

Alcoholic - no. 8 martini

This tart drink is featured in Bar West and favorite to guests. This martini is made with 44° North Huckleberry Vodka with simple syrup and sweet and sour mix. Topping this delicious drink off are blueberries and lemons for an extra sour taste!


Alcoholic - Kendall-Jackson Grand reserve

This delicious drink tastes of lush tropical fruit intertwined with lemon, lime and floral notes. This Grand Reserve Chardonnay is elegantly layered with a rich texture and firm backbone. It features a hint of vanilla and spice to round out the long finish. A perfect drink from 240° West to enjoy with the Chilean Sea Bass.

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