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2020 DNC Milwaukee: Experience Wisconsin

The Democratic Party selected Milwaukee to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention. But the real winners are those who will be in attendance.

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Situated on the western shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee overlooks sparkling Lake Michigan, one of America’s great waterways. 

Yet the water is just the beginning. Milwaukee is more than a city; it’s a hub for the unique destinations and past times that make Wisconsin Wisconsin. Lake Geneva is one of those destinations, located less than an hour from the city. 

During the DNC, take some time away to explore Wisconsin by way of Lake Geneva. Though you could stick around the convention for a peek at Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, you could also spend your evenings acquainting yourself with the local area. Eat, drink, and explore your way through the DNC 2020, Lake Geneva style.

lake geneva

Play on the Lake

As the name implies, a visit to Lake Geneva wouldn’t be complete without a day on the lake. The marina on Abbey Harbor makes it easy to spend a day on the boat. And if you can’t bring your own? Rent one of the Cobalt Blue Bowriders from Gordy’s onsite rentals. 

If you’re not in a captain state-of-mind, you can also arrange a private cruise. Sail around Lake Geneva with the Lake Geneva Cruise Line on a private journey for 2-200 people. Depending on the size of your group, Lorelei, their boat, can pick you up at Abbey Harbor, while the other boats easily dock at nearby Fontana Municipal Pier.

Waterfront dining room


Make your DNC memories that much stronger by treating yourself to mouthwatering regional flavors. The Abbey Resort offers some of the best. From artisan entrees to some of the best BBQ this side of Lake Michigan, at The Abbey, you’ll discover a meal to suit your every mood. 

Ease into the day with a muffin and coffee. Take a break from the lake with a harbor view lunch.  Dig into casual lunch, dinner, or drinks over waterfront views. The Abbey’s farm-to-fork philosophy comes to life at 240° West, where a winery-inspired interior meets fresh, seasonal vegetables, locally-sourced meats, and artisan bread and cheeses.

woman at the spa

Spa Specials

Like the many conventions before it, the 2020 Democratic National Convention Milwaukee can leave its attendees burnt out. Recharge at Avani Spa. This lakeside sanctuary invites guests to leave the stresses of the day-to-day and the DNC behind. 

Rejuvenate your spirit with head-to-toe treatments that emphasize the tranquility of the spa’s peaceful surroundings. Indulge in a massage or relax into a body or facial treatment. Avani Spa guests also have access to calming amenities like the private Avani Atrium pool, whirlpool, sauna, and inhalation and steam rooms.

immersion cafe

Immersion Virtual Reality

Discover a world beyond reality in The Abbey’s Virtual Entertainment Center. Virtual reality is the next frontier in gaming. Take your first steps into a whole new world with Immersion. Using high powered PC’s, head-mounted displays and a pair of hand controllers, you won’t just be playing the game. You’ll be immersed in the world of the game. 

If you’d rather keep your mind firmly in Lake Geneva, Immersion also features a 90” cinema screen. Catch your favorite team or settle in for an epic movie, complete with cozy theater seats and surround sound. The Immersion Cafe serves up all your movie snack favorites like hot dogs and popcorn, and even beer, wine, and soda.

Whether you’ll be at the 2020 DNC to make big decisions for the future of the United States or in attendance to support those who will, your DNC experience can be much broader than the convention itself. The Milwaukee convention is the first DNC in the midwest since 1996. The midwest has some showing off to do. 

Discover the midwest by way of one of its favorite vacation destinations: Lake Geneva. From mouthwatering meals to indulgent spa specials and otherworldly experiences, you’ll wonder why the DNC didn’t return to the midwest sooner. Fortunately, you don’t have to make the same mistake.

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